Man Watching through window blindsMan Watching through window blinds

The Quest for Privacy

Organizations need to go the extra mile and not only ensure the security of their data but safeguard its privacy as well.


Despite the vast impact that computers have had on the world, there’s no Nobel Prize for computing. It’s time for a change.


Open source accounting software is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Management accountants need to know the benefits and downsides.

Writing without Ink

Pen and paper might finally face a serious challenge from the digital world with Apple’s pencil and the Surface stylus.

More Strategic CFOs?

Corporate performance management software helps CFOs broaden their thinking to better contribute to the overall health and longevity of the organization.

Hacking Your Car

Loaded with chips, software, and various computer systems, our cars are now hackable in ways most of us wouldn’t consider.

Wikipedia Is 15

The website with the 7th-highest traffic worldwide provides 5 million encyclopedia articles free in 250 languages.

Siri’s Competition

The Intelligent Personal Assistant field is getting a little crowded with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon joining Apple’s Siri.

Moving to the Cloud

The primary concerns of security, access, control, reliability, and quality should be familiar to any management accountant.


The latest survey of emerging cyber threats from Georgia Tech shows that the links exploited most often are human, not digital.