Financial and Sustainable Reporting Converge

Financial and sustainable business reporting are converging thanks to the European Commission and technological advancements.

Looking Toward 2021

Hiring and keeping talent, M&A challenges, and making investments in an uncertain environment are concerning to CFOs in 2021.

Make a Resolution

January is a time to define who we, as an individual or an organization, want to be and figure out how to achieve our goals.

The Best in Us All

The pandemic brought out the best in IMA members, volunteer leaders, and dedicated staff, and this will continue in 2021.

IMA Goes Virtual

IMA isn’t letting COVID-19 put an end to its tradition of providing members with learning and networking opportunities.

Excel: Fuzzy Matching

Microsoft’s fuzzy matching algorithm looks for words that share a percentage of characters in common, and it’s useful in Excel.

Quantum Fintech

IBM and Google already offer services on their quantum computers, and financials are prime markets for the new technology.

IMA Life: A Mid-Career Boost

Managers in a controller or internal-reporting role who are looking to advance their careers should consider pursuing the CMA.