Managing International Operations in Uncertain Times

Professionals in charge of overseas subsidiaries’ budgeting contend with foreign exchange rates, inflation, and interest rates.


Look Around

Pursuing continuing education and certification brings professional rewards and builds up our self-belief despite turmoil.

IMA Life: Filling the Gap

Earning the CMA motivated this professional in China to start her own firm utilizing competencies that the CMA exam covers.

Tech Trends to Watch

Finance professionals help their companies by explaining how AI and other technologies work in plain understandable language.

Fraud Risk in a Crisis

Finance leaders should cultivate an ethical culture to guard against a potential surge of fraud during the pandemic.

Lean on IMA

Continuing education keeps us engaged and positive about the future even as the pandemic has altered the way we live and work.

Remembering John C. Arme

The late John C. Arme was a long-time active member of IMA and former president of the National Association of Accountants.