Life-Changing Moments

By Ginger R. White, CMA, CSCA
December 1, 2018

I’ve been part of some life-changing IMA® moments these past few weeks: meeting six Young Professional Leadership Experience winners at our Global Board of Directors meeting in San Antonio, Texas; sharing insights with students and professionals at our Women’s Accounting Leadership Series in Boston, Mass.; and joining more than 600 students and faculty who participated in our Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in St. Louis, Mo. IMA is known for these life-changing moments, and each day our members rely on the organization for experiences and resources they need to remain relevant in this age of disruption.



Just take the SLC: It’s always amazing to watch the quick transformation of the students over the course of three days. They arrive a bit apprehensive and nervous about being part of something so big and inspirational. By day two, so much has shifted: The students are now packed on the dance floor, making new friends, laughing uproariously, and appreciating each other’s dancing and mechanical bull-riding talents.


These life-changing moments are possible thanks to the many IMA members who care deeply about our amazing organization and profession. These members share their time, financial support, and expertise so that the next generation of accountants and financial professionals will be even more successful. Many students who attend the SLC aren’t aware of the opportunities outside public accounting, but because members share their stories of successful careers in industry, the students are inspired to pursue a career path they might never have imagined.


A special thanks also goes to the professors who take their students to the SLC every year and who truly try to align to the profession’s needs. These professors recognize that not all students will desire or be successful in a public accounting career path, yet each student is unique and wants to use his or her talents to contribute positively to society and the profession. These professors search out amazing opportunities for their students and leave a lasting impact on their lives. Thanks to all of you who care and nurture the next generation of accounting and finance professionals. You truly make a difference.


I’d be remiss not to recognize our amazing IMA staff, who make their work appear effortless. The preparation and seemingly flawless execution of these events—the SLC as well as the Board and Women’s Leadership meetings—wouldn’t be possible without IMA staff. It’s always a joy to share these moments with them.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m truly grateful to be a part of IMA. I can’t think of a better place to spend my time, talents, and energy for the accounting and finance profession. What have your IMA life-changing moments been? I’d like to hear from you at gwhite@imanet.org.


Ginger R. White, CMA, CSCA, is Chair of the IMA Global Board of Directors and corporate purchasing finance director at Cummins Inc. Follow her on Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2JLWSmV.
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    ramji mahadevan, CMA ACMA FCA December 8, 2018 AT 8:42 am

    our amazing IMA staff, who make their work appear effortless. The preparation and seemingly flawless execution of these events

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