Survey: Implementing ASC 842

By Christopher Dowsett, CAE
January 1, 2019

EY surveyed finance and IT leaders from large U.S. public companies to examine the key issues companies are dealing with in their implementation of the new lease accounting standard, Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 842, Leases.


Along with the challenges involved, companies are using the opportunity to look for new ways to increase business value.



are working toward designing a long-term automated solution.



say it’s difficult to collaborate effectively across multiple functions.



see the lease changes as an opportunity to drive transformation.


For more information about the “EY 2018 Lease Accounting Change Survey,” visit https://go.ey.com/2QOPmOW.


Christopher Dowsett, CAE, is editor-in-chief/vice president, Publications, at IMA. You can reach him at cdowsett@imanet.org.
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