The Impact of Inflation on Small Businesses

By Christopher Dowsett, CAE
May 1, 2022

Business.org surveyed small business owners in the United States about the impact of inflation and supply chain shortages.


Eighty-nine percent of respondents report raising prices to counter inflation, and 82% have experienced supply chain disruptions. Other findings from the survey include:


  • 60% of respondents are concerned about the financial health of their business because of inflation.
  • 56% report an inability to meet customer demand.
  • 47% report their profit margin decreasing due to inflation since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • 46% are reducing the size of their inventory.


For more results, see “The Effects of Inflation on US Small Businesses.”


Christopher Dowsett, CAE, is editor-in-chief/vice president, Publications, at IMA. You can reach him at cdowsett@imanet.org.
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