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By Amanda Balbi
October 30, 2015

Last month, IMA® launched a career development tool called CareerDriver, a three-step process that allows IMA members to assess their skills, create an actionable development plan, and match their skills to other management accounting roles. This innovative, practical product was created in response to a recent IMA survey in which members indicated a need for more resources for career planning. So IMA built a tool that would add value to our members’ roles as management accountants.


IMA’s team went to work identifying 40 job titles and 28 competencies relevant to management accountants to build the tool around. More than 700 learning resources were compiled to help members create a plan for their future. The database will be updated regularly with the latest IMA self-study courses, webinars, publications, and on-the-job activities.


CareerDriver puts IMA members in control of their career. So far, member feedback has been positive, and engagement levels are high. The tool is available as a free IMA member benefit at imanet.org/CareerDriverSF.



Amanda Balbi is copy editor of Strategic Finance magazine. You can reach her at abalbi@imanet.org.
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