By Amanda Balbi
October 1, 2015

Robert Half’s latest report, “Get Ready for Generation Z,” explores the next generation of job candidates, Generation Z, who are expected to make up 20% of the workforce by 2020. The company surveyed college-age students from the United States and Canada to find out how students are preparing for the workforce and how they’ll influence the older generations they’ll be working alongside.

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When asked about the first five years of their careers, 32% of respondents expect to be managing or supervising employees in a corporate environment, 24% expect to be working their way up the corporate ladder, and 20% expect to start their own business or become an entrepreneur. In addition, the majority of respondents prefer a 30-45 minute commute (34%), prefer to work for a midsize business/organization (41%), and want to work at a company that offers opportunities for career growth (64%).


The report also notes that members of Generation Z are great at innovation, creativity, and technology but lack communication, problem-solving, and project-management skills. Read the full report at http://bit.ly/GetReadyGenZ.


Amanda Balbi is copy editor of Strategic Finance magazine. You can reach her at abalbi@imanet.org.
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