By Benjamin R. Mulling, CMA, CPA.CITP
October 30, 2015

Last month I was able to visit our IMA® office in Zürich, Switzerland, and speak to a great group of professionals at a local chapter there. I was truly amazed at the level of enthusiasm and passion for management accounting and IMA that these individuals demonstrated. While I was having coffee one morning during that trip, I began to think of the reach that our association has around the world and what it does to make an impact on all members.


For example, there’s IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement Program that we offer to approved colleges and universities around the globe whose business programs meet the quality educational standards required to enable students to prepare for the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) exam and designation. In conjunction with that, I think about the recently launched IAHS (IMA Accounting Honor Society) for students around the world who meet the required criteria. This honor society recognizes students who are setting the bar for our next generation of leadership. It’s amazing to see students all across the globe applying for IAHS membership.


Similarly, when I visited China in April, it was a pleasure to meet and engage with so many members who have a desire to learn in order to improve themselves. I spoke with CMA review course providers, multinational corporations, government officials, professors, students, and young professionals. Every one of them recognizes the need for management accounting internationally, and all have a great respect for the brand and reputation of IMA in this arena. One thing was clear: While we may communicate in different languages, the language of management accounting is universal.


One more important observation: Our CMA certification is the gold standard for global management accounting credentials. We see more and more certified members, CMA candidates, and financial leaders around the world acknowledging this as well. It’s a privilege to hold this certification, and I’m proud to call myself a CMA and be recognized as such no matter which country I’m traveling in.


IMA sets the tone around the world for thought leadership in management accounting, and our members, partners, and volunteers all affirm this. With offices in China, Europe, North America, and the Middle East, IMA is definitely setting the standard for global management accounting associations. We will continue to push ourselves to foster existing values, develop emerging technologies, and make innovation a part of our culture in order to serve you—our global members—and drive management accounting into the future throughout the world.


Please share your thoughts at bmulling@imanet.org.


Benjamin R. Mulling, CMA, CPA.CITP, is managing director of TENTE Casters, Inc. A former IMA Chair, he also is a member of IMA’s Cincinnati North Chapter. You can reach Ben at bmulling@tente.com.
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