House Considers Divisive Bill on Paid Sick Leave

By Stephen Barlas
October 1, 2018

A House of Representatives bill allowing companies to offer a uniform, voluntary federal option for paid medical leave is gaining momentum—and some critics.


If companies follow the federal standards contained in the Workflex in the 21st Century Act (H.R. 4219), they wouldn’t have to comply with the various and differing laws on paid medical leave currently on the books in 10 states and the District of Columbia and more than 30 localities.


The National Women’s Law Center opposes the bill because it “would harm families by allowing employers to circumvent state and local laws designed to protect working people” by effectively eliminating or reducing paid sick time for many employees. Employers for Flexibility, a coalition that includes the National Association of Manufacturers and other business groups, supports the bill because it “responds to the demands of the 21st Century Workplace, benefitting employees, employers, and the U.S. economy.”



Stephen Barlas has covered Washington, D.C., for trade and professional magazines since 1981 and since 1984 for Strategic Finance and its predecessor Management Accounting. You can reach him at sbarlas@verizon.net.
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