SURVEY: Improving Intercompany Accounting

By Elizabeth Kennedy
September 1, 2016

In May 2016, business professionals responded to a Deloitte Dbriefs poll called “Cleaning up intercompany accounting: Driving efficiency while managing risk.” The survey asked which factor respondents believe poses the greatest challenge to their organization’s implementation of intercompany accounting. Of the 4,127 votes received:


21.4% say disparate software systems

16.8% say intercompany settlement

16.7% say complex intercompany agreements

13.3% say transfer pricing compliance

9.4% say foreign exchange (FX) exposure


For more survey results, go to Deloitte’s slideshare at http://bit.ly/2bF419H.


Elizabeth Kennedy is the feature editor at IMA. You can reach her at ekennedy@imanet.org.
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