Tone at the Top vs. Tune in the Middle

Direct supervisors may have even more influence to create an organization-wide ethical culture than upper management.


Ethics Must Be Global

Multinational companies need to embrace a universal code of ethics and apply it everywhere they operate around the world.

AI Isn’t Neutral

Professionals must be aware of machine-learning algorithms’ potential biases to overcome AI’s ethical challenges.
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The Art of Ethics

IMA is committed to the highest ethical practices. Members have several resources to draw on to master the art of ethics.

Trust as a Constant

The need for trust in business hasn’t changed over time—another. reason to ensure it remains at the core of business values.

Hiring Ethical Employees

Having the right skills and experience isn’t enough. Hiring managers also want to see integrity and honesty in a candidate.


IMA® conducted a survey to find out how companies are making it safer for employees to report unethical and fraudulent behavior.


Banks and finance companies receive large fines for unethical actions, but very few people go to jail for participating.