CFO to CFO: Prioritizing Professional Development

The CFOs of Ulta Beauty and Meritage Homes Corp. share career advice and reflect on accountants’ professional development.

The Case for BPM

Accountants versed in business process management can discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, and optimize procedures.

The CFO Playbook

Advanced technology and business model innovation can help finance teams to restart their organization’s growth engine.

Forecasting The Future

Predictive analytics can reduce uncertainty and improve forecasting, enabling companies to course correct more quickly.

Budgeting Revisited

CFOs and academics discuss how companies can try innovative budgeting practices to transform to agile ways of working.

Looking Toward 2021

Hiring and keeping talent, M&A challenges, and making investments in an uncertain environment are concerning to CFOs in 2021.

The CFO as Asset Manager

Management accountants can use data analytics to inform the company’s strategic direction and align asset management with it.

Driving Digital Finance

The accounting and finance team should take the lead in helping their company to succeed by achieving digital transformation.

The People Side of FP&A

Managing FP&A requires understanding the business, technical and communication skills, and effective working relationships.

Celebrate Change

Change is the only constant, and IMA continues to adapt as well as provide resources and community to help you keep up.

Toward Business 2030

Move beyond business as usual and adopt a business model that links corporate purpose to performance and sustainable practices.

Top 2017 Risks

More than 730 board members and executives reported on the top risks their organizations will face in 2017.

Get in Gear!

Finance, HR, and IT can work together to break out of silos and transform the administrative services within an organization.

Broken Budgets?

Transform the planning, budgeting, and forecasting practices in your company into powerful tools for better decision making and strategy execution.

Nonstop Risk

Companies face a variety of different risks around the world. Identification and assessment remain critical components to success.