AI and Digital Discrimination

Management accountants and finance professionals can educate themselves on AI algorithms to minimize digital discrimination.

Building a Bot

Companies can increase efficiency of their business processes by employing easily accessible RPA tools and technology.

The New Era of AutoML

Machine learning is both an art and a science, and continuing education is necessary for finance professionals to master it.

Excel: Fuzzy Matching

Microsoft’s fuzzy matching algorithm looks for words that share a percentage of characters in common, and it’s useful in Excel.

Quantum Fintech

IBM and Google already offer services on their quantum computers, and financials are prime markets for the new technology.

Tech Trends to Watch

Finance professionals help their companies by explaining how AI and other technologies work in plain understandable language.

Upskilling with RPA

To stay relevant, accountants must upskill to adapt to a finance function being transformed by robotic process automation.

Blockchain or EDI?

Weigh the particular needs of your team and the company when deciding between electronic data interchange and blockchain.

No Tech Expos

The widespread cancellations of expos, conferences, and seminars have created an uncertain future for event venues.

Access: Files

It’s important to know that Access files don’t behave the same way as other Microsoft Office files and plan accordingly.

Govern Your Bots!

Robotic process automation can integrate with AI, machine learning, and data science, but RPA must be governed properly.

The Lazarus Gadget

The demise of the smartwatch has been predicted since the sales of Apple’s version of the device began to slip.

Toward Web 3.0

Web 3.0 will be different in many ways, some of which—like the cloud, AI, and IoT—have already appeared online.

Digital Demands

Management accountants must partner with IT and adopt essential tools to stay involved in business processes and strategy.

The Data Life Cycle

Understanding the typical phases of data resource management can help an organization establish its data governance protocol.


A recent book looks into the engineering and politics that go into the manufacturing of computer hardware.


Used for calculations, validating data, and setting default values, formulas are a critical element of Access databases.

Access: Numbers

When a field contain numerical data, there are several different data type and field size options to choose from.

AI Rising

After a 30-year period of development, AI may finally be seeing its great realization in 2017.

IT Audit Survey

Protiviti and ISACA find that IT audits and technology issues are getting more attention at the board and executive levels.


Despite the vast impact that computers have had on the world, there’s no Nobel Prize for computing. It’s time for a change.


Open source accounting software is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Management accountants need to know the benefits and downsides.

Writing without Ink

Pen and paper might finally face a serious challenge from the digital world with Apple’s pencil and the Surface stylus.

More Strategic CFOs?

Corporate performance management software helps CFOs broaden their thinking to better contribute to the overall health and longevity of the organization.

Hacking Your Car

Loaded with chips, software, and various computer systems, our cars are now hackable in ways most of us wouldn’t consider.

Wikipedia Is 15

The website with the 7th-highest traffic worldwide provides 5 million encyclopedia articles free in 250 languages.

Siri’s Competition

The Intelligent Personal Assistant field is getting a little crowded with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon joining Apple’s Siri.

Moving to the Cloud

The primary concerns of security, access, control, reliability, and quality should be familiar to any management accountant.


The latest survey of emerging cyber threats from Georgia Tech shows that the links exploited most often are human, not digital.